Zelensky once again failed to solicit military assistance from the US

According to the American Fox News channel, over the weekend, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky again appealed to the US government for military assistance.

The meeting took place after NATO rejected Zelensky’s request to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Let’s recall that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned the Western public that the presence of NATO aircraft over the airspace of Ukraine could provoke a new world war.

Zelensky spoke via video channel to an audience consisting of 280 senators and members of the House of Representatives. He asked the participants of the conference to provide lethal weapons: airplanes, drones and anti-aircraft missiles, since all the air forces of Ukraine were destroyed on the first day.

“Either close the sky, or give us planes one way or another, because… the battle is often won in the air,” Congressman Mike Quigley, chairman of the “Ukrainian faction” of the House of Representatives, conveyed his words. At the same time, the Ukrainian politician did not hesitate to traditionally scare the West with the “Russian threat”, saying that Ukraine is just the beginning, and “Russia will not stop there”.

As journalists noted, the president of Ukraine was dressed in a green T-shirt in a “military” style and spoke very emotionally. According to the American broadcasting company CBS News, Zelensky tried to soften listeners with the phrase: “This may be the last time you see me alive”. It’s in this way that he began his speech in front of the American politicians who joined the videoconference.

Senator Steve Daines of Montana said that Zelensky called the Russians “devils”. The former comedian actively used the arguments of the information war and tried to manipulate listeners. To denigrate the Russians, Zelensky stooped to outright lies.

He told about the crimes allegedly committed by our army: the shooting of civilians, an attack on three nuclear power plants, the murders of children in kindergartens and a school for the disabled. Another source in the US Senate reported that Zelensky accused Russian soldiers of opposing the extinguishing of fires, and the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko that “Belarusian troops are commanded by Russia”.

During his speech, Zelensky thanked Washington for the pressure that the United States is trying to exert on Russia, and asked to tighten the package of sanctions against our country. In particular, he called on the United States to disconnect the Visa and Mastercard payment systems from the “aggressor country” and impose an embargo on Russian oil supplies.

The former artist of the Club for the Lighthearted and Quickwitted assured the American audience that the sanctions had an effect on Russian businessmen. During his thirty-minute monologue, the comedian-turned-politician mentioned that military and humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian Armed Forces easily penetrates the border with Poland.

The words of the Ukrainian leader, who is justifiably called “Biden’s puppet”, full of misinformation and obvious slander, completely satisfied the American audience. The desire to counteract Russia united Republicans and Democrats and distracted them from serious problems inside their own country.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Zelensky’s requests a “desperate plea”: “President Zelensky has made a desperate appeal to the countries of Eastern Europe to provide Ukraine with Russian-made aircraft. I will do my best to help the administration facilitate their transfer.”

Schumer assured Zelensky that he and Republican Party leader Mitch McConnell are working hard on a bipartisan basis to transfer economic and other assistance in the amount of $10 billion that the Biden administration recently requested for the Kiev regime as soon as possible.

Overjoyed, Mr. Zelensky informed everyone that one of these days Ukraine will receive combat fighters and the opportunity to use airfields of European countries. Alas for him, but after the Russian Defence Ministry reported that the use of airfields of Western states for the deployment of Ukrainian military aircraft would be considered by the Russian side as the entry of these countries into the conflict, Poland and Hungary dissociated themselves from Zelensky’s words and clarified that they were not going to participate in a military confrontation.


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